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Water Taxi service in kerala

Water Taxi service in kerala – First in India

Water Taxi service in Kerala – First in India

Kerala has started the first water taxi service in Alapuzha. This new venture will be giving a new path to tourism activities in Alleppey and for the Public transport system. According to officials, Water Taxi service in Kerala is also the first such service in India. Kerala will launch four boats with advanced safety features. One such boat has launched to use as a water taxi. The seating capacity of the boat is 10 passengers and it cost Rs.1500/- for one hour. Water Taxi service in Kerala will be a unique experience for the travellers. Moreover, it will save time since there is no traffic jams in the lake. The maximum speed of 15 nautical miles or around 35 Km per hour. Each boat will also have three employees.
Like regular taxis, passengers can call the ‘water taxi’ on a specif number, and the boat will arrive at the destination to transport the passenger. The passengers will be charged on an hourly basis. Another advantage is that these boats will be tied to a boat station and can be hailed anywhere by the passengers. This will take the passengers to their destinations quickly. Currently, a specially-designed engine imported from Sweden is being fitted on the boats.

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