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kerala caravan


Hire a tourist caravan and rediscover Kerala at your own pace


Voyages Kerala presents caravan Kerala, an innovative tourism product that enhances the potential and attractiveness of the state as a tourism destination. Which offers tourists safe, customized and closest-to-nature travel experience in God’s Own Country. Come to Kerala, enjoy the luxury of caravans, rest in the idyllic setting of caravan parks and visit the unexplored tourist place.

Tourists caravans are specially build vehicles for the purpose of travel leisure and accommodation. The customized stylish vehicles will be equipped with all the trappings for a smooth ride and comfortable stay.

They include rigid as well as trailer caravans. In rigid caravans the propelling mechanism and accommodation facilities will be built as a single unit. However in trailer caravans the accommodation shall be a separate unit which will be towed by a suitable vehicle for transportation.


  • sofa cum bed for a minimum of 2 persons
  • kitchenette with fridge and microwave oven
  • partition behind driver
  • air conditioning
  • dining table
  • audio and video facility
  • net connectivity
  • complete charging system,external and internal
  • Eco friendly waste management system


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