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Marayur or Marayoor is a town in Devikulam taluk of Idukki district in Kerala, India. It is located 42 kilometers north of Munnar on SH 17 connecting Munnar with Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu. Marayur is situated at around 1,600 metres above mean sea level and is the only place in Kerala that has natural sandalwood forests.
Marayoor is the only place in gods own country where the sandal wood trees have natural growth.Today its caves (muniyaras) with murals and relics from the New Stone Age Civilisation, a gigantic Children’s Park and a Sandalwood Factory run by the Forest Department form the core of the attractions here. People also throng to visit the ancient Dolmenoid Cists in Muniyara. the

Speciality of Marayoor

Aside from its natural sandal forests and immnunerable locations of scenic beauty, Marayoor is best known for its extensive sugarcane cultivation, the major crop of Marayoor and Kanthalloor. Here, more than 2500 acres of land is under sugarcane cultivation.
marayur is well known by “marayur sarkara” and which is one of the sweetest jaggery produced using traditional technologies.
The peculiar geographical location of Marayoor, which nestles amid the forests of the Western Ghats gives the sugar cane a distinct geographical identity. Added to this, the age old specialized skill of the local people in making the jaggery in the farm itself, make it a unique product. It is therefore in  great demand in house holds across the country for the preparation of sweet dishes.

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