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Wedding at Marari Beach Resort Kerala

Wedding in Kerala

Wedding in Kerala

Wedding in Kerala – Kerala is emerging as a wedding destination Post-COVID scenario. Almost all the hotels and resorts are getting bookings for conducting a marriage with social distancing with a maximum participation of  50 guests as per government of Kerala. Since the number of persons is limited to 50, people are thinking of quitting the traditional style of wedding in marriage halls. Normally in Kerala wedding will be attended by 1000 – 1200 guest. Now the cost of this has been reduced and people are trying to have a different experience by selecting resorts of Kerala.

Post-wedding people also have the option of choosing the resort as a honeymoon destination and the participants can opt for a wellness retreat.

On the same time, the wedding will be viewed online by virtual platforms by thousands of guest who are friends and relatives of the bride and groom. In Kerala Virtual Events India is providing an online platform for wedding in Kerala.

All luxury resorts and hotels in Kerala is offering very special deals for wedding groups.

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