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Ilaveezhapoonchira, Kottayam

One of the best spots in Kerala to witness sunrise and sunset, Ilaveezhapoonchira is a hill station located near Melukavu Mattom in Kottayam district. Watching the radiance and hues of the sun amid a picturesque landscape and breezy environs is an exhilarating experience for visitors.

Surrounded by three hills named Mankunnu, Kodiyathur Mala and Thonippara, Ilaveezhapoonchira offers a striking sight of grasslands, rivulets and valleys. At an altitude of around 3,200 feet above sea level, the hill is a popular trekking spot in the district. From above, we can see almost six neighbouring districts and the Malankara reservoir spread over steep valleys.

During the monsoon, the entire place gets transformed into a surreal spectacle. The terrain changes and we experience Nature at her best.

The word ‘Ilaveezhapoonchira’ means a ‘pond of flowers where leaves don’t wither or fall’. A legend of the Mahabharata is associated with the location. It is believed that Pandava princes stayed here for some time during their exile in the forest. A pond seen near a temple at the hillock is believed to have been built by Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers for his wife Panchali.

Amid the floating white cotton clouds, this exotic place is shrouded in thick mist even during noon. Come to this high-altitude spot and experience the mystical touch of exotic Nature.

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