Ruined Jain Temple

One of the holy site for Jainism lies in the hills of Sulthan Bathery in Kidanganad.

The Bathery Jain Temple, dating back to the 13th century, is said to have been built in the prevalent architectural style of the then reigning Vijayanagar Dynasty. Tipu Sultan set up his battery at this site, and today the entirety of Sulthan Bathery is named after the same. One is immediately made aware of the sanctity and colourful past that shrouds this temple in both grandeur and mystique.

The temple is now a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, 97 km from Sulthan Bathery

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 120 km from Sulthan Bathery

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