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Casa Rio – The Hillside Health Resort invites you to escape to the splendour, the quiet serenity, and sportsman’s paradise of Athirappilly forest and Largest Waterfall in Kerala. The Resort is entitled to a luxury created by Mother Nature – the breath-taking panoramic view of the misty fall will make you fall in love with and the chatter of the exotic birds will make you feel – when you think for a place for your holidays – we are the holidaymakers for you. As a boutique hotel set in 4 acres of land in the mid of the virgin green forest…

The well-presented state of art Accommodation at Casa Rio that dwell in the Athirappilly forest-single bedroomed suites, twin bedded Suites and suites offering three beds. The Suites are contemporary in design, Situated in twin floored cottages with large sliding bay windows. Sumptuously furnished with the state…


Perhaps the most popular amongst the waterfalls in Kerala, the Athirapilly falls surge around large boulders and rocks, dropping over eighty feet in three spectacular plumes. The falls are surrounded by dense green forests containing to numerous endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna and are sometimes referred to as “The Niagara of India”.

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