Wayanad Tour Packages from Bangalore

The Major questions from travellers travelling from Bangalore to Wayanad and the answers for the same is as follows:

  1. What is the best option to come for a holiday in Wayanad from Bangalore?
    Answer: The best options are (a) To take a Taxi from Bangalore, (b) Drive your own car or (c) to hire a night service coach.
  2. Do you have packages Starting from Bangalore to Wayanad?
    Answer : Yes we do packages starting from Bangalore to wayanad by Providing Exclusive Sedan cars, Innova, Tempo Traveller etc depending on the Group Size.
  3. What is the price Range of the packages?
    Answer : Our Starting Package price is from Rs.15000 – 45000 based on the clients budget which is inclusive of Pick up from residence in Bangalore – Accommodation in wayanad – All sightseeing in Wayanad and Drop back to your place of Residence..
  4. Do you provide only hotels if we come by our vehicle to Wayanad?
    Answer : Yes we provide Hotels Only Package. Please click link –
  5. Do you provide transport only packages if we book hotels by our own?
    Answer : Yes we provide transport alone service from Bangalore as well as for local sightseeing in wayanad. Please click link –
  6. Is there night service bus coming from Bangalore to Wayanad.?
    Answer : Yes Night service buses are coming from Bangalore to Wayanad which will reach wayanad early morning. We will arrange pick up from the point

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