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Designed by the famous architect Charles Correa, this is where timeless charm meets modern elegance with a distinctive sense of place. Enriching cultural discovery with original local art, immersive rituals, healing ayurvedic treatments and culinary journeys that celebrate the true essence of the land come together to create an incredible sensory haven of stunning sights, transformative sounds and flavourful tastes for the discerning experience seeker.


Uday Samudra Kovalam positioned at the famed beaches of Kovalam, just 15 meters from the sea, is a distinctive five superstar entertainment beach hotel - a destination by way of itself. The placing, centres, people, spa, delicacies and its complete philosophy is dedicated to your private wellbeing in high-priced surroundings. simply by means of being at UDS, one of the finest resorts in Kovalam, your stresses begin to flutter away; the landscaping has its very own serenity, a harmony of a defined architecture, spacious lawns, blue water swimming pools and hovering coconut grooves all set in 4 tranquil acres through the ocean.

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